MicroConf 2017 Official Notes

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Notes from the talks

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  • Growth Edition, Day 1
    • Natalie Nagele, Is FOMO (fear of missing out) holding you back?
    • Russ Henneberry, The Perfect Content Marketing Strategy
    • James Kennedy, How to Stop Giving Demos and Build a Sales Factory Instead
    • Bridget Harris, Bootstrapping for Badasses
    • Attendee Talks
      • Derrick Reimer, Transforming Customer Input into Killer Features
      • Andy Baldacci, Profitable content marketing in 1 hour a week
      • Brennan Dunn, Personalizing Your Marketing: Why You Should Be Niching In Real-Time
      • Dave Churchville, Making Facebook Ads profitable for your SaaS
    • Rob Walling, 11 Years to Overnight Success: From Beach Towels to A Successful Exit
  • Growth Edition, Day 2
  • Starter Edition, Day 1
    • Jordan Gal, Two Years in the SaaS Trenches
    • Ben Orenstein, Blind Spots of the Developer Entrepreneur
    • Sherry Walling, Iocane Powder and the Battle of Wits: Developing the Psychological Immunity to Stay Alive While You’re Starting Up
    • Attendee Talks
      • Josh Doody, How you can get to 180,000 visitors a year in under 12 months
      • Austin L. Church, Content Marketing Without the Huge Time Suck
    • Sujan Patel, From Idea to Launch to Your First 1000 Customers With Zero Marketing Budget
  • Starter Edition, Day 2
    • Patrick McKenzie, Paint By Numbers: From Productized Service to SaaS
    • Justin Jackson, The Freedom Ladder: Financial Independence through Products
    • Attendee Talks
      • Matt Inglot, Validate Your Product Idea With Pre-Sales
      • Matthew Du Pont, Outnumbered: Selling to 2 or more B2B decisionmakers at the same time
    • Keith Perhac, Building Your First Effective Marketing Funnel
    • Ryan Battles, How to Gain Traction in a Crowded Market
    • John Collison, Q&A on cofounding Stripe
    • Mike Taber, Idea Validation and Customer Development

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