My values

Shai Schechter • 2021

I value acceptance and non-judgment. I don’t believe anyone is a bad person at their core. I believe everyone is always doing their personal best at any given moment. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be consequences if someone does something harmful, but that I can continue to have compassion for the fact that that’s their best. Acceptance of life and of what is, and within that an unconditional acceptance and validation of the feelings and thoughts of myself and others.

I value integrity. Standing up tall and facing situations and emotions even when they’re difficult. Following your internal compass of what’s right, recognising that that compass will always be being fine-tuned. Continually bettering oneself, but specifically along whichever path is most meaningful to the individual. Doing what you say you’ll do. Owning up when you make a mistake. Helping people.

I value playfulness, fun, curiosity and open-mindedness. Not taking the world too seriously. Being able to zoom out and see a bigger picture, and that we’re not as separate from one another as it sometimes seems. Trying new things. Experimenting. Creating. Sharing. Playing. Loving. Living!

I value authenticity, honesty, intimacy and vulnerability. Being my authentic self, and always learning more about what that is. Surrounding myself with people who are accepting of my thoughts, feelings, wants and needs; and accepting the thoughts, feelings, wants and needs of others. Expectancy without expectation. Experiencing the world through deep, intimate connection with others.

I value intuition, spirituality and creativity. The recognition that there’s more than just the intelligence of our minds. The experience of me that is deeper than just my thoughts and feelings. The belief that true creative impulses come from a domain outside of myself. The futility of ego. The connection between everything. The space between things. The endless, unwavering beauty of the world, and the feeling of awe at experiencing it unimpeded by the mind.

(Quick notes for the next iteration: Ambition? Intention? Passion?)