Automatically transcribe recordings to digital garden?

Shai Schechter • 2020


This article was transcribed during a walk and automatically uploaded for your reading pleasure. It hasn't been checked or edited yet.

Just one thing in.So what I’m thinking.Is.I can record while I’m out on a walkover run.Just as something comes to mind.Recording recorder.Have that share.

Press to share the transcript.And other text file.Or Google Docs are.And.To.Google Drive.Now supposedly there’s going to be an auto backup feature added to Google recorder soon but in the meantime, I’ll just have to press share.On the transcripts.And.

After giving it a title.Have that triggers appear.I need to look into it, but I would have but.There’ll be some way to get it from Zapier.Into my Jekyll’s life into the Git repo.

My initial thought.Was to have it put it into the drafts folder, but actually.Now I’m thinking.Have it added straight to.Have it added directly to the published post.But with a.And with something in the front matter just specify and have it show that banner that it’s been automatically transcribed and hasn’t been edited yet.

And that means anything I randomly think about on walks of runs.Can already be published in the digital garden.