94%1 of marketers say personalizing the web experience is “critical” to success

…but only 4% say they’re doing a lot of it.

Every savvy marketer knows that by niching their messaging they’ll be able to increase sales, but hardly anyone’s doing it on-the-fly, per person, outside of personalizing the first name of their emails.

If your web site is showing the same marketing messaging to everyone in your audience and every visitor to your web site, you’re 1) not giving them the best experience, and 2) leaving money on the table.

What if you could…

  • Show visitors case studies and testimonials from customers just like them
  • Show different calls to action on your web site, on-the-fly, based on where someone is in your funnel
  • Niche the headings and language you use on your site to suit the person reading
  • Only show your email opt-ins to visitors who aren’t already on your list
  • Know—to the penny—how much a customer in each of your segments is worth
  • Target remarketing campaigns to the segments you know will be most likely to buy

If your web site can niche itself on-the-fly, showing the right messaging, testimonials and calls to action to each person based on who they are and what they’ve already bought, it’ll convert so much higher than a site that tries to generically target everyone in your audience.

Let’s do this.

I’m going to be live documenting how I do the work I’m doing for myself and my clients that involves niching on demand / the kind of personalization 96% of marketers are only dreaming of.

I’m going to be sending out in-depth case studies and articles on how you can begin segmenting your audience and personalizing your content to suit them.

Want to learn how you can use marketing personalization to make your customers happier and you more profitable?